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Labor Puts WA Last with Confusing Plans for a New Mining Tax

Senator the Hon. Mathias Cormann
Minister for Finance

Date: Friday, 14 March 2014

Labor must abandon its plans for a revised anti-WA Mining Tax, finally accept the will of voters at the last election and vote with the Government in Parliament next week to scrap the Mining Tax.

WA jobs and prosperity remain firmly in Labor’s crosshairs as long as it persists with its intention to inflict a Mining Tax on Western Australia.

In the shadow of a by-election in WA, Bill Shorten has sneakily tried to shift the goal posts on what type of Mining Tax Labor wants, but at its heart he has simply reaffirmed Labor’s support for an anti-WA Mining Tax.

He is just not sure what form any new Labor Mining Tax will take.

One thing is certain though, Bill Shorten and Labor have confirmed that they will vote to oppose the repeal of their anti-WA Mining Tax in the Senate.

After six months in Opposition and just weeks before the WA Senate election, Labor is not just opposing the abolition of the Mining Tax, but it is creating confusion by saying Labor would create a new version of the tax to take to the next election.

This is just not good enough. 

The Mining Tax and the Carbon Tax are both anti-WA taxes making it harder for WA to be successful.

Scrapping the Mining Tax will help create jobs and stimulate investment.

Abolishing the Carbon and Mining taxes is critical to building a stronger economy, creating new jobs and easing cost of living pressures on families and small businesses.

Labor saddled us with a Mining Tax that raises a fraction of what was promised, yet burdens business with millions of dollars of red tape as well as costing jobs and driving away investment.

Labor can still have a change of heart, stop siding with The Greens against the will of the WA community and vote to scrap the Mining Tax in Parliament next week.

No politician and no political party can claim to represent and support Western Australia if they support an anti-WA Mining Tax.


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