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NBN Co releases 2014-17 Corporate Plan

Senator the Hon. Mathias Cormann
Minister for Finance

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP
Minister for Communications

Date: Monday, 17 November 2014

The Government welcomes the release of NBN Co Limited's (NBN Co) 2014-17 Corporate Plan, which shows ambitious targets for the rollout of the network through the current financial year.

The 2014-17 Corporate Plan is NBN Co's first since the December 2013 Strategic Review, which recommended switching to a multi-technology mix rollout.

The plan demonstrates the substantial progress made in the past year in getting the delivery of the NBN on track. The Government is confident NBN Co has set realistic financial and rollout forecasts through to 30 June 2015.

Key forecasts for the current financial year include:

  • Increasing the number of premises that are serviceable by the NBN Co's various networks from 552,600 to 1.03 million
  • An increase in revenue from $61 million in FY2013-14 to $160 million in 2014-15
  • An increase in the proportion of serviceable premises in brownfield areas from 67 per cent of premises passed to 81 per cent of premises passed.

Given the transitional nature of the 2014-17 Corporate Plan and various ongoing activities (such as negotiation of amendments to the NBN Co/Telstra Definitive Agreements) which will be material inputs to future planning, the forecasts, analysis and risk assessments in the 2015-18 Corporate Plan will be crucial.

As the company advises, it is not in a position to generate forecasts with a reasonable level of confidence beyond the current 12 month business cycle and as such anything beyond that are heavily premised on long-range assumptions.

The NBN is the largest and most complex infrastructure project in Australia's history, and there is much work still to be done, including a series of near-term milestones:

  • Finalisation of negotiations with Telstra and Optus.
  • The Government's response to the Vertigan report.
  • Finalising planning of the multi-technology rollout.

The Government expects these milestones will be achieved in time to be fully reflected in the 2015-18 Corporate Plan. Moving forward, the Government will continue to consider and release future Corporate Plans.

More information on the 2014-17 Corporate Plan is available on NBN Co's website at


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