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New Cloud Services Panel

Senator the Hon. Mathias Cormann
Minister for Finance

Date: Friday, 13 February 2015

The Government continues to deliver on its eGovernment and the Digital Economy election commitments with the establishment of a whole-of-government panel for the provision of cloud services to Australian Government agencies.

The panel covers core cloud products including:

  • software as a service
  • platform as a service
  • infrastructure as a service
  • cloud specialist services such as integration and optimisation. 

The panel enables Government to deliver services more efficiently, as well as provide services that are more responsive to business and community needs. 

The panel has an initial two year term, with options to extend for a further four years. 

A list of the first tranche of panellists below. 

Information on the Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy is on the Department of Finance website:

More about the Cloud Services Panel and future panel announcements is on the Department of Finance blog:


Media Contact(s)

Karen Wu – 0428 350 139

First and second tranches of panellists for the Cloud Services Panel

  1. Agile Digital Engineering Pty Ltd
  2. Anchor Systems Pty Ltd
  3. ASG Group Limited
  4. Aurionpro Solutions Pty Ltd
  5. Avanade Australia Pty Ltd
  6. Avoka Technologies Pty Ltd
  7. BSTTech Consulting Pty Ltd trading as Archtis
  8. Callida Pty Ltd
  9. Cogito Group Pty Ltd
  10. Connexxion Pty Limited
  11. Datacom Systems (ACT) Pty Ltd
  12. Dialog Pty Limited
  13. Digital (Digest) Data Design Pty Ltd
  14. Digital Pacific Pty Ltd
  15. Digital Sense Hosting Pty Ltd
  16. Doll Martin Associates Pty Ltd
  17. Ethan Group Pty Ltd
  18. F1 Solutions Pty Limited
  19. Financials For Office365 Pty. Ltd.
  20. Forward IT Pty Ltd
  21. Fuji Xerox BusinessForce Pty Limited
  22. GoHosting Pty Ltd
  23. GoSource Pty Ltd
  24. Gruden Holdings Pty Ltd
  25. Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd
  26. HCL Australia Services Pty Ltd. 
  27. IBM Australia Ltd
  28. Inspection Apps Pty Ltd 
  29. iQ3 Pty. Ltd.
  30. Jadu Software Pty. Ltd.
  31. Link Web Services Pty Ltd
  32. Logicalis Australia Pty Limited
  33. Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd 
  34. Mantis Industries Pty Ltd as trustee for the Mantis Investment Trust 
  35. Merewyn Partners Pty Ltd
  36. Microsoft Pty Limited 
  37. Mitel South Pacific Pty Ltd
  38. NEC IT Services Australia Pty Ltd
  39. Nextright Pty Ltd
  40. NGA.NET Pty Ltd 
  41. Oobe Pty Ltd
  42. Redcore Pty Ltd
  43. Sliced Tech Pty Ltd
  44. Third Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd
  45. Vintek Pty Ltd
  46. Wallis Nominees (Computing) Pty. Ltd.
  47. Webqem Pty Ltd
  48. WM360 Pty. Ltd.
  49. Zettagrid Pty Ltd