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Australians won’t be fooled by Labor’s higher taxing plans

Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham
Minister for Finance
Leader of the Government in the Senate
Senator for South Australia

Date: Friday, 1 April 2022

With less than two months before the election, Australians are still none the wiser on how much more tax they will pay under Labor.

It is now clear that just like their $387 billion tax plan at the last election, Australians will once again end up paying higher taxes under a Labor Government.

Appearing on the Today Show earlier this morning Anthony Albanese was asked five times if he would increase taxes and sensationally couldn’t give a straight answer:

Stefanovic: …Definitively, will you increase taxes in government to pay back debt?

Albanese: We've said that the tax that we are looking at is multinational tax evasion. We'll have more detail to say about that, Karl, during the election campaign.

Stefanovic: Okay. So just to clarify there, you'll be looking for savings. You won't be increasing taxes to pay back debt?

Albanese: Look, what we’ll do is to two things, Karl. One is we'll stop the waste and the rorts. But the other thing is we have a plan for growth…..

Langdon: But you won't increase taxes?

Albanese: Yeah, we've made it very clear we have all of our policies out there for all to see, for all to see. And we have a plan for growth…..

Stefanovic: Albo, I don't know that you're answering the question.

Albanese: Yes, I am.

Stefanovic: Is it a yes or a no?

Albanese: I'm absolutely.

Stefanovic: Will you be increasing taxes?

Albanese: We will be announcing our measure, on multinational tax evasion. That is the announcement that we've made...

It might be April Fool’s day, but Australians won’t be fooled by these weasel words from Anthony Albanese.

Australians deserve to know what higher taxes they will have to cop under Labor.

Vague statements from Anthony Albanese are no longer good enough. Labor need to be upfront and transparent with Australians on how much extra tax they will pay.

In this week’s Budget, the Morrison Government outlined a detailed economic plan.

We have comprehensive plans around keeping the jobs momentum going, providing more opportunities for families and businesses, alleviating cost of living pressures as well as plans to continue investments in essential services and our national security.

All you have from Labor is a few sweeping promises, completely uncosted, and with no detail on how they will pay for them.